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Paper Towel Usage

The international market for paper towel dispensers is expected to grow by $1.6 BILLION over the next four years!

The report forecasts that increased awareness about hygiene will drive the market.  The study also says that the United States will be the most market growth between now and 2024.

Soooo, were we not washing our hands before?  Thankfully Service On Command offers a complete janitorial services program!  Not only do we provide commercial cleaning services, carpet cleaning, floor restoration services and electrostatic disinfecting but we also provide competitive pricing for our consumables.

With our supply ordering we are able to manage your supply demands.  Which means we can save you time, reduce your cost and help you stay organized.

How do we save time?  Our team looks at your supplies every time they clean!  We know exactly how much you use on a daily basis.  Since we track your supplies that gives you time back in your day to focus on your actual job! 

How do we reduce your cost?  We order more consumables than you do so we get better pricing!

How do we keep you organized?  We only keep what you need on your shelves!  No over ordering.  We also have a storeroom filled with supplies so we always have on hand what you need. 

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